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Superwoman (and man) brekkie
August 29, 2012, 1:32 pm
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morning muesli

It’s always nice when you wake up and the sun is shining. It makes you stretch and yawn with purpose; it gives you reason to kick the covers off and start the day. This is how I feel about my home-made muesli breakfast.

With 16 ingredients it’s quite the operation. At least I don’t grind all the seeds like my Dad does. But he’s retired so he has the time.

Here it is, and yes, it is all together, in one bowl. I admit that it doesn’t look all too appealing but boy will your body thank you for it. Think calcium, iron, vitamin c, omegas and protein.

  1. Rolled oats
  2. Oat bran
  3. Rolled barley flakes
  4. Spelt flakes
  5. Wheat germ
  6. Pea protein powder (optional)
  7. Goji berries
  8. Black strap molasses
  9. Chia seeds
  10. Pumpkin seeds
  11. Sunflower seeds
  12. Sprinkle of cinnamon
  13. Tahini milk (made by simply mixing tahini with water)
  14. Hemp seed oil
  15. Udo’s oil.
  16. Soy or rice milk (optional)

Stir and shovel in to open mouth. Enjoy.


August 28, 2012, 3:05 pm
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Light lunch

Sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration. Sometimes it’s hard to be creative. Sometimes it’s just hard.

Here’s a little convenient lunch idea to lighten the load. Packed with greens equals packed with goodness.

(You may start to notice I’m on a crusade to include leafy greens… daily)

Lunch ingredients: Syndian pumpkin curry balls (all natural – gluten and dairy free) with tahini dressing. Side of organic lettuce, kale, udo’s oil, pepper and chopped dates.

Water ain’t so clear
August 28, 2012, 11:00 am
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water alkaliser

When running a bath for my little one, my bathroom smells more like a public swimming pool than an area for cleansing. The smell of chlorine is powerful – it makes my nose crinkle in distaste – and bub has developed eczema on his skin as a result of bathing in it. I now limit him to a shower or a bath every few days to give his skin a chance to breathe and repair.

This got me thinking about the tap water that so many in of us consume. We are so lucky to have a plentiful amount of water to drink in western society but the debate about the safety of fluoride in drinking water is rife and the thought of consuming chlorine let alone copper and lead doesn’t make me want to skip through meadows with joy so I recently invested in a water alkaliser.

These things ain’t cheap – I can’t deny having minor heart palpitations when seeing  the cost.  I went the cheaper route and purchased one from ebay to be kind to the bank balance.

On setting up, I tested the tap water’s ph balance before alkalising – wish I hadn’t… scary.

The alkaliser I purchased removes chlorine from the water as well as fluroride. The taste difference is significant. The water tastes clean and sort of minerally.

It’s replenishing – it’s good.

Quinoa crazy
August 27, 2012, 12:41 pm
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quinoa salad

Being an almost vegan (no meat or dairy, just an occasional egg), it is of course important to fuel my body with foods bursting with flavour and nutrients. And as I am breastfeeding I am currently extra cautious about what I am consuming. How sad that breastmilk is one of the most toxic things we give to our babies due to modern day living. (Formaldehyde anyone?)

One of my main concerns is pesticides so I am on a crusade to overhaul my diet with organic produce – it’s hard. Organic often means expensive and it is not as readily available as conventional produce but a side of pesticides is not what I fancy with my food.

Today for lunch I put together a quinoa salad. Quinoa is sooooo easy to cook – one cup quinoa, two cups water, and in 10 minutes, bob’s your uncle! Quinoa contains 12 amino acids, is rich in fibre, is low GI, has vitamin b and folate, high calcium… should I continue? Ok, it’s also versatile and can be used in salads, soups or as a side instead of cous cous or rice.

Salad ingredients pictured: quinoa, kale, chopped dates, chick peas, avocado, pumpkin seeds,sunflower seeds, rocket, basil, parsley, udo’s oil, hemp seed oil, a sprinkle of herbamare and some thinly sliced apple wedges. Yum.

Welcome… to nature
August 27, 2012, 11:00 am
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Getting back to nature. Simple. Right?

Well it is meant to be but somehow there’s lots of icky things getting in the way. Like unhealthy food, unhealthy (and dangerous) chemicals sinking in to just about everything we touch, taste and breathe, and unhealthy practices – not only detrimental to us, but also to this grand ol’ world we live in.

My blog ‘The Nature Strip’ doesn’t aim to change the world, but I will share some colourful, nurturing ideas on food (mainly vegan), how not to buy in to consumerism (go second hand!), vintage delights,  and other bits and pieces on how to strip back the way we live… naturally.

As a first time mother, there will also be some baby stuff – what I’ve learnt along the way and how and what to do what is best for myself and my bub.

So let’s get healthy and happy… in an urban hippy, sustainable kind of way.

Thanks for coming on the journey. x