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Actions & words: charity tee
January 29, 2013, 2:26 pm
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I found this cute little tee in my local charity shop haunt. Actions not words. A powerful statement.

When you love someone, a heartfelt cuddle, covering them with the umbrella when it is raining and offering to wash up means more than saying “I love you”.

actions_not_words (5)

When people actually think and care where their food comes from, when they actually bother to turn the light off when not in the room, when they spend the time to separate their plastic from their glass… these actions say much more than simply saying, “I care about the environment and it’s future”.

actions_not_words (4)

I’ll call you… and then they don’t.

As much as I love action, I love words. Poppies. Ooze. Sunday. Crisp. Shatter. Moon. Delightful.

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Summer tastes
January 20, 2013, 3:08 pm
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When I think of summer I think of sun, sea and sand. On the food front, I think of colour, nutrition and lightness.

chick pea and kale patty with beetroot salad

Returning from a recent camping trip, food got down to basics. We didn’t resort to baked beans. In fact, I was quite impressed with what we managed to whip up on our sturdy little camping stove (think quinoa with fava beans and sautéed veggies, porridge with tahini and pear, scrambled tofu with buckwheat bread).

The warmer weather sees me sway towards lots of fruit and veggies and I have been noticing that my dished up plates resemble a culinary rainbow.

Recent creations include grilled tofu with a potato and purple cabbage slaw dressed with soy mayonnaise, and a roasted beetroot, vegetable and kale salad with a chickpea and kale patty (a recent discovery from my local health food shop).

tofu with potato and cabbage slaw

One of these days I will succeed in making my own veggies patties. I have tried, and I have tried, but they always seem to fall apart in to a sad and sorry mess. Maybe this should be one of my food goals for 2013. Watch this space – a post on my trial and errors to create a tasty, healthy and glowing veggie patty! If you have any tips, please share them. x