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I’m a vegetarian and I ate lamb
May 27, 2013, 11:44 am
Filed under: Food, General thoughts

I have been a vegetarian for 20 years and haven’t eaten any dairy for five. The other day I ate a piece of lamb. And then I cried.


After some suspicious blood tests I panicked and decided to contemplate incorporating meat back in to my diet. Hence the piece of lamb. I didn’t take this decision lightly, and in fact I feel quite traumatised from it. It’s hard to put all of your beliefs and what is such an important part of you aside.

But I did it. And I don’t think I will do it again. The lamb was organic and it actually tasted quite nice, but I couldn’t get past the fact that this animal went through trauma and stress to sit on my plate. I couldn’t put out of my head the blood running like a river in the pan.

But I do understand that people eat it – and that’s ok. I am actually about to start reading a book called The Vegetarian Myth which looks at whether eating meat is healthier and better for the planet than a vegetarian one. It should be an interesting read. I have also been investigating the link between consumption of meat and high bowel cancer rates.  Meat sounds pretty toxic to me.

Another interesting point I read lately is that by shunning meat, you are turning your back on promoting and supporting ethically produced meat. Is this a valid point?  I think we all have a responsibility of looking at where our food comes from and how it is produced, especially when it comes to factory farming.

So, I am now back to my green, veggie eating ways and I’m happier for it. And so are the animals.


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