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Welcome… to nature
August 27, 2012, 11:00 am
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Getting back to nature. Simple. Right?

Well it is meant to be but somehow there’s lots of icky things getting in the way. Like unhealthy food, unhealthy (and dangerous) chemicals sinking in to just about everything we touch, taste and breathe, and unhealthy practices – not only detrimental to us, but also to this grand ol’ world we live in.

My blog ‘The Nature Strip’ doesn’t aim to change the world, but I will share some colourful, nurturing ideas on food (mainly vegan), how not to buy in to consumerism (go second hand!), vintage delights,  and other bits and pieces on how to strip back the way we live… naturally.

As a first time mother, there will also be some baby stuff – what I’ve learnt along the way and how and what to do what is best for myself and my bub.

So let’s get healthy and happy… in an urban hippy, sustainable kind of way.

Thanks for coming on the journey. x