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Kids apple & spinach smoothie with quinoa & avo
May 30, 2013, 4:35 pm
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Apple & spinach smoothie with quinoa and avocado

My toddler is starting to become a fuss pot. I spend a lot of time preparing fresh, organic food only to find it thrown on the floor, rejected, or spat from his mouth. The waste makes my heart sink.

Greens are especially becoming the “I’m not going to eat them mummy no matter how hard you try to make me to!” food. But I’ve had a brain wave – smoothie them!

Today’s lunch was a roaring success. Even though his facial expression said: “I’ve been tricked”

  • Apple and spinach smoothie – vitamin and mineral fix plus a good combo of vitamin c and iron for better absorption.
  • Avocado and quinoa – essential fats and amino acids.
  • Vegetable tofu which he loves – great protein, great calcium

green smoothie aftermath


Toddler rainbow food
May 22, 2013, 11:26 am
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It’s important – and stressful – making sure your baby is getting the right food and the right nutrients. I am forever fussing about a balanced diet – is he getting enough iron? What about calcium? Is there zinc in this?

This probably stems from my own concerns for my health and commitment to consuming a nutrient dense diet.

I am guilty of offering my toddler mashed up gloop for way too long – sure it was healthy but there is only so many times you can offer a toddler mashed up veggies and what about the essential fats and protein?

So recently I have been creating rainbow plates of food for him to enjoy that ensures a wide variety of vitamins and minerals with the added bonus of encouraging his dexterity and motor skills.

Plate 1:

tofu, veggies and blueberries

  • Sauteed vegetables of pumpkin, sweet potato, zucchini and broccoli in coconut oil.
  • Marinated vegetable tofu
  • Dice tomatoes
  • Blueberries

My son ate the plate as follows: tofu first, then on to blueberries, with a bite of pumpkin in between, the greens, a nibble of tomato only to discover tomatoes are much more fun being thrown on the floor.

Plate 2:

Toddler rainbow food - tofu and veggies

  • Boiled buckwheat (excellent protein source) mixed with avocado
  • Sauteed potato, grated coconut, broccoli  and zucchini
  • Stewed apple

The plate was left bare. His face wasn’t.

face covered in food

Nature Strip featured on Baby Space
April 9, 2013, 12:28 pm
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There are many super duper blogs out there. Baby Space is one of them.

Bron who manages the blog is a pal – she is wise, she is creative, she is a nurturing mother of three.

She recently interviewed me for her “Meet the mama” series.

Read my musings on being a first time mother here.

Meet he mama Nature Strip Baby Space


Can a toothbrush save the world?
March 22, 2013, 2:34 pm
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Jack n' Jill biodegradable toothbrush

As a parent, it is inevitable that I will need to buy things for my baby. But I don’t take this consumerism lightly.

I have been researching some of the best eco baby buys to minimise the pressure on our earth’s resources, and to avoid smothering my son’s delicate skin with nasty and aggressive chemicals.

Jack n' Jill biodegradable toothbrush

There are many safe and green products available, at a price – but this can be as small and simple as a toothbrush.

I recently came across the biodegradable Jack n’ Jill kids bio toothbrush. The brush is made from corn starch with nylon bristles.  Once the toothbrush has seen the end of its day, you simply breaks off the toothbrush head and pop the remaining handle in to the compost.

Jack n Jill toothbrush

An interesting fact – corn starch toothbrushes take around 90 days to break down in a commercial compost. Better than a million years for plastic right? And nylon is recyclable. Bingo!

Jack n' Jill biodegradable toothbrush

Thank you to Bron at Baby Space for taking these pics!

Park pleasures
February 23, 2013, 1:35 pm
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TheThe Nature Strip Park pleasures

My little family lives in an urban jungle, one way concrete, the other way grass.

As a parent, I want my child to recognise and appreciate the serenity of nature – grass between his toes, the sound of birds tweeting overhead, the sensation of gusty winds blowing off his hat, and the impressiveness and incredible energy of trees.

The Nature Strip Park pleasures

We are lucky (and grateful) to have a park at the end of our street, and next to this, the beautiful and wonderful Centennial Park, Sydney, a refuge from the big smoke with wandering geese, forests of eucalyptus gums, and water lilies bobbing on ponds.

The Nature Strip Park pleasures

The local park is our escape from our four walls – it’s where we bond, my son looks on with bewilderment at dogs chasing balls, where he looks to the sky, and discovers the textures of tress that have been standing there for hundreds of years. He also likes to eat leaves.

The NThe Nature Strip Park pleasures

It’s hard to not get caught up in the city bubble – but it’s reassuring to know that we can wander in to a green oasis, take a deep breath and reconnect.

The Nature Strip Park pleasures

The Nature Strip Park pleasures

Thanks to Bron at Baby Space for taking these ‘special moment’ pics. x

The Nature Strip Park pleasures

The humble coconut
October 24, 2012, 1:16 pm
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coconut oil helps stretch marks

When I was pregnant and my skin began to stretch, contort and look as though I was smuggling a watermelon, coconut oil was a god send. Coconut oil is a multi-tasker and a super duper natural moisturiser.

Rubbing it on my belly kept stretch marks at bay. It also made me feel like I was bonding with my baby as I rubbed and massaged it in to my skin. Many mothers to be use products that contain harmful chemicals. With our skin being like sponges, I would keep these sorts of products away from new life.

I apply dollops of coconut oil to my hair too . My hair can make me look like a scarecrow – coconut oil keeps it contained. I continue to use coconut oil as a natural, chemical-free and inexpensive moisturiser.


Ahhh, the coconut – what a package! One can drink the water and hydrate, consume the flesh for nutrients and healthy fat, and moisturise and nourish the whole body with its oil.

With so many talents, who wouldn’t want to be a coconut!

Vintage toys
October 4, 2012, 8:34 am
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I’ve gotta love my Mum. Thirty four years ago she was wise and clever enough to pack away my well loved toys in the hope that one day they would be bashed and sucked by a future grandchild. And she was right.

Bubba loves my old toys – they don’t seem as brash as the toys today. Perhaps this has to do with the scratches, the visible signs of wear and tear, the fading colours, old texta marks…