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Just relax your shoulders and… walk
April 18, 2013, 2:25 pm
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I’m on a crusade at the moment to get out in to nature. When you live in the city, this isn’t always easy. But when you do escape the rat race, your lungs can breathe, your shoulders relax, and you feel good to be alive.

great_north_walk (12)

My partner and I left our bub with the grandparents while we treated ourselves to an afternoon bush walk . Most people would probably prefer a romantic dinner and drinks for some bonding time, but bush bashing – just the two of us – suited us fine.

great north walk - crosslands to berowra

great_north_walk (8)

We stomped through marshland, marvelled at warrigal greens…

great north walk

We studied gum trees and clambered up looming boulders…

great north walk - crosslands to berowra

We crossed bridges and meandered through rainforest…

Great North Walk

We huffed and puffed ourselves to the top of the hill for an amazing view of the river and then stomped back down again.

great north walk - crosslands to berowra

great north walk - view

My partner jumped off the bridge in to the river, for a swim… 



I took photos.

great north walk

The Great North Walk is 250km in total. We did 7km from Crosslands to Berowra Waters.

great_north_walk (14)

That means there is 243km of this walk left to explore. I’m looking forward to it.

great north walk - crosslands to berowra

great_north_walk (10)